The most vulnerable children in the world are orphans without a mother or a father to protect, love and care for them. It is estimated that there are already 150,000,000 orphans worldwide, and due to disease, war and famine, the number of orphaned children is rapidly increasing. The orphan crisis is a growing worldwide humanitarian and social crisis that has serious implications for all nations. Many countries have little choice when dealing with their growing orphan problem except to place the children in orphanages. Here, these children, if they are fortunate, may receive shelter, food, clothing and basic medical care. But they rarely receive the time, attention and love necessary for optimal social and personal development.

The Orphanages in need Initiative (ONI)  invites all to join us by participating in any of a number of our projects from donation of food items,clothes, books and health outreach programmes. To also adopting these orphans and also sensitizing others of the needs of these orphans here to see how you can help. Please take the time to do what you can. Many of these children do not have anyone else to help them.

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